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Product designer, food enthusiast, plant mom. That's me in a nutshell.

Currently: Toronto, Canada

Previously: Washington DC, USA

Leveraging my background in health sciences and client success management, I am passionate about creating meaningful design solutions and connecting people through experiences.

As a life-long learner with a fascination for all things science and tech, I'm eager to join a team that brings both innovation and inspiration to its users.

I am based in Toronto, Canada. But am welcome to any opportunities, remote or central.

My journey begins with my deep rooted passion for health sciences, moving from Washington DC to Toronto to study Health & Disease and Physiology at The University of Toronto. Taking part in student associations and planning committees inspired me to break away from a working in a traditional medical setting, and into working more directly with individuals in order to create impactful experiences.

After working as a Client Success and Account Manager for a food-tech start up, I realized I wanted to work in a more creative capacity, and be able to take more ownership and see the direct effects of my work. I decided to transition my career focus into Product Design which blends my research and planning skills with my enthusiasm for human centered design and creative problem solving.

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